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Bank SMS Scam Fraud Alert

FraudSMART is advising consumers to be on the alert to a text message scam in which fraudsters claiming to be your bank are asking you to review a transaction.  The link will bring you to a fake website looking for personal and financial details.

FraudSMART Advice:

  • Banks will only ever ask you to reply to text messages with ‘Y’ or ‘N’. Never to click on links or give information.
  • Do not click on a link or attachment from unsolicited emails or text messages.
  • If you think you have responded to a scam text message, contact your bank immediately.
  • Contact your bank using the number on the back of your debit / credit card.
  • Never use phone numbers in a text message as this could be a fake number.
  • Never give away personal information, bank card payment details, bank account details or security details such as your PIN or online password to anyone.