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Our Campaigns

FraudSMART aims to raise consumer and business awareness of the latest financial fraud activity and trends and provide simple and impartial advice on how best you can protect yourself and your resources.

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Is your business FraudSMART?

Unfortunately, SMEs continue to be a key target of scams, so we have partnered with the Small Firms Association and criminologist John Deane-O’Keeffe to provide alerts and tips to protect your business. Cybercriminals take advantage of busy work schedules to create an unnecessary urgency in the hope that businesses won’t take the time to do the necessary checks.

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Investment scams

An investment scam occurs when a criminal tricks someone into investing money to a scheme or venture that does not exist, ultimately transferring funds to the fraudster’s account. Fraudsters often advertise investment opportunities online, through social media adverts or generic comparison websites and commonly imitate a legitimate brand. The scams promise attractive returns that are usually higher than other retail investment opportunities.

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Don’t be a mule!

A money mule is someone recruited by fraudsters to transfer stolen money between accounts. Young people and students are often targeted by criminals. We are teaming up with the Union of Students of Ireland, to alert students to the risks and how to avoid getting involved in fraud. As well as the prospect of a prison sentence and a criminal record, those who are caught will have their bank account closed, will have difficulty getting loans or even a phone contract and entry into countries such as Australia or the United States will be denied.