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Fraud Alert – Cold Calling Scam

Fraud Alert: There are reports of consumers receiving cold calls from fraudsters claiming to be ‘their Bank looking into suspicious transactions’. Be Alert!

Key Details:

  • Fraudulent calls have been targeting customers trying to persuade them that their Credit / Debit Card has been compromised.
  • These scams will usually request confirmation of identity details and potentially recent transactions.
  • Some fraudulent callers are also advising that the customers branch will not be aware of details, or the call as it is being handled by a third party.

FraudSMART’s Top Tips:

  • Always double check:
    • if it is true that your account has been subject to missing funds or suspicious transactions
    • that the individual works at the bank by taking their name and details.
    • the phone number is in fact your bank by calling your bank’s number as detailed on the back of your debit/credit card.
  • Please always contact your Bank when you receive these types of calls and double checking your account
  • Do not ever transfer money out of your account on the back of instructions from a ‘caller’.
  • Call the number on your debit/credit card, and tell them about your recent contact/ communication.
  • Double check the number they called you from by bringing the number back – make sure you hear a dial tone and check your banks website also for this number.
  • If you think this could have happened to you, contact your local Garda Station and report the incident and also report this to your bank.

This is a general notice issued by FraudSMART on behalf of BPFI members