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The Great Irish Cash Giveaway – Episode 2

National Fraud Awareness week runs from 12th to 18th November. Over the course of the week a social media campaign titled, The Great Irish Cash Giveaway, featuring actor and television presenter Simon Delaney, will air each day on FraudSMART’s social media channels, explaining the five common types of financial fraud scams including phone scams, invoice fraud, CEO email scam, malware and cheque fraud.

Phone Scams

Ensure Fraudsters don't win The Great Irish Cash Giveaway, Episode 2 – prevent your business falling victim to phone scams #fraudsmart # NFAW #SMEs #Fraud

Posted by Fraud Smart on Friday, November 9, 2018


Don’t let your business fall victim to Phone Scams. Spin the wheel on ‘The Great Irish Cash Giveaway’ and know what to look out for.