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Student Rental Scams

As you start to look for accommodation for the college year or for summer trips don’t be tricked into paying a deposit for a property that does not exist, has already been rented or is actually a fraudster using a short term let to get you to pay your deposit and not show up on move in day!

Follow FraudSMART’s top tips:


Be Informed:

  • Do your homework – familiarise yourself with the average rent prices in your search area. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!
  • Use online maps to double check that the property exists at the address being advertised.
  • Check short term rental sites to ensure the property is not being used by a fraudster for “viewings” who will take your deposit.

Be Secure:

  • Keep copies of all correspondence between yourself and the advertiser, including bank details and the advertisement itself.
  • Use legitimate well-known rental agencies where possible.
  • Don’t hand over any money until you have seen the property and are happy with its condition. Once satisfied use a cheque or bank draft to pay the deposit.

Be Alert:

  • Don’t make any payments until you have been given the keys and signed the rental contract. Always check that the keys fit the lock.
  • Remember, don’t transfer any money unless you have carried out all the relevant checks and you are absolutely sure that the list is genuine.
  • Don’t be embarrassed if you have been scammed. Report it to your local Garda Station and contact your bank.


Download FraudSMART’s Rental Scams Leaflet in our resources section here.