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SME Fraud Briefing in association with Small Firms Association

SME breakfast briefing on Fraud Awareness on Tuesday 1 October at 9.00am

Most businesses think they are protected against fraud however fraud against Irish businesses is on the rise.

Fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated and use what is known as social engineering to manipulate their targets. Essentially this is using publicly available information to trick you into taking an action that may not be in your company’s best interest. Many SMEs do not have teams of IT staff to support them, and many believe either they are not at risk or that it is too difficult to do anything about it.

This event is designed to make you aware of current scams and how you can prevent your company falling victim with practical advice and will be led by BPFI’s Head of Fraud Prevention Niamh Davenport, with a panel discussion including An Garda Síochána, Deloitte and Merchant Risk Council.

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