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FraudSMART Alert: Increase in Coronavirus Phishing Scams

FraudSMART is warning consumers to beware of an increase in phishing scams, in particular those taking advantage of and making reference to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Key details:

Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of Covid-19 for various types of fraud and cybercrime, particularly phishing related scams referencing Coronavirus and health agencies.

FraudSMART Advice

  • Never respond to any unsolicited emails that request personal or sensitive information without first independently verifying the legitimacy of the email.
  • Never give away personal information, bank account details or security details such as your PIN or online password to anyone..
  • Never click on a link or attachment in an email until you have verified it is from the source it says it is from.
  • Be wary of emails that do not use your name and use generic greetings such as “Dear Customer” or “Dear Sir/Madam”.
  • Do not open or forward emails that you think may be spam.
  • If you think you have responded to a phishing message, contact your bank immediately.