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FraudSMART Alert – Undelivered Package Scam

Don’t be fooled by a Package Delivery or Tracking Scam

FraudSMART is warning consumers to beware of a smishing scam involving customers being contacted via text with regards to an undelivered package and seeking payment.

Key details:

Customers are contacted by a text message which mentions outstanding shipping costs and has a link to “Track your package”.

In some cases, the messages include the first name of the person they are sent to. Some versions of this scam do not mention shipping costs or tracking but asks the customer to “confirm their credentials for delivery today”.

The majority of these messages link to the same type of An Post branded phishing site where customers are asked to provide personal information and card details. Other versions of this scam can purport to be from other delivery companies, eg. UPS, Fedex etc.

Click here for examples of the text messages and phishing screens

FraudSMART Advice

  • Do not respond to unsolicited text / SMS messages before independently validating that it is who it says it is from. You can do this by:
    • Looking up the phone number on the back of your bank card and contact them directly to validate
    • Do not use a phone number given to you in the text (this could be a fake number).
  • Do not clink on a link or attachment from unsolicited emails or text messages.
  • Never give away personal information, bank account details or security details such as your PIN or online password to anyone.
  • Stop and think! Are you expecting a package?
  • If you think you have responded to a Smishing text message, contact your bank immediately.